Oil and Gas


The Oil and Gas industry is facing a unique sets of challenges. With the industry being impacted due to the decline in oil prices and mounting pressures on operating margin, companies need to tackle inefficiencies to reduce operating expenses. In the volatile Oil and Gas market, exploration and production companies must drive efficiencies into their business operations.

Many Oil and Gas companies are turing to high performance computing (HPC) to solve complex seismic modeling questions. These solutions provide the computing power to store and process large datasets at full scale to better understand seismic images faster and more efficiently. These organizations are utilizing technologies such as graphics processing units (GPUs) as part of their overall solution to help take advantage of the processing power.

The Oil and Gas industry turn to us for the integration of the systems in our Customer Integration and Manufacturing Center (CIMC). These systems will be engineered, integrated and fully tested before they leave our facility. We can do as much or as little based on our customer's requirement.

Oil and Gas

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