Being vigilant against data attacks and intrusion is the new norm. As structure and unstructured data is coming from every direction, a better and more efficient way of analyzing data is of the utmost importance. Security and government agencies are looking for ways to clearly define patterns from the deluge of data. Systems are developed to automate the detection of these attacks. We offer the entire stack of technology to help combat these threats.

We assist our customers with the:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Scale to analyze the mountain of data
  • Efficiency to help automate the management capability

Our solutions span from law enforcement agencies predicting criminal activities to video analytics to help identify situational events through crunching of data in real time. We help our customers take a proactive approach in fighting this battle.

Efficiently maximizing HPC in State and Federal government means an agile response to the demands for more compute power, emerging technological challenges and opportunities and competition from other nations.

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